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“I blogged the next morning so I wouldn’t change my mind. And if I do go back, I’d have to blog about it and be like, ‘Sorry guys.’ ” Khloe adds: “I normally never talk about relationships.

star Gizelle Bryant still dating the retired basketball player?

Chrisley had previously been linked with Memphis Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons.

But she made it clear Thursday night that she and Kennard are serious.

On Thursday she posted photos on her Instagram account of her with Luke’s mother, father and sister at a New York hotel and later one of she and Kennard at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center where the draft was held.

Kennard, from Franklin, Ohio, was picked 12th in the first round by the Pistons after leading Duke in scoring last season as a sophomore.

“In basketball, they’re on the road all the time,” she adds to emphasize how much easier sister Kim Kardashian has it with her NFL star, Reggie Bush.She didn’t, however, say whether her mom approves of the new man.Andy asked Lala, whose ex Carmelo Anthony currently plays for the New York Knicks, if she has any relationship advice for Gizelle.During the aftershow portion, a viewer called in and asked Gizelle if she’s still seeing the retired basketball player she met at the gym.Apparently, Gizelle didn’t see that viewers were told via a text update on the season finale episode that she’s now dating a retired basketball player because she looked startled by the question.

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